Piceno Superiore DOC Oraganic
Bottles produced: 5400

It is a blend of Sangiovese and Montepulciano from our 40 and 60 years old vines 40 and 60 years producing very low yields; it is the wine of our grandparents, characterized by its aromatic nose and ease of drinking.

This wine benefits from long aging sur lies in small steel vats before bottling which produces an intensely fresh and elegant wine. Our grandparents were great consumers as well as producer of wine and thought it a very important source of energy to face the tiring days of work on the farm.

This red wine was precisely designed to be drunk at different times of the day and paired with different traditional dishes.

The appellation, Piceno Superiore, is great classic of our region. On the label the work "Muro del Tempo" by Giorgio Pignotti.