Wine is the poetry of the earth
M. Soldati
tradition and beauty

Our story

For over a century our family has dedicated itself to the care of its own vineyards and the production of wines that are sincere expression of the Piceno territory. We practice sustainable agriculture, respectful of the local traditions and guardian of the healthiness of the environment and the beauty of the landscape.

In 1903 the Fazzini family, with their son Carlo, moved to the Colli del Tronto property where our company exists today to work the land with a sharecropping contract. In 1963 our grandparents Filomena Fazzini (daughter of Carlo) and Livio Vallorani redeem the land from the sharecropping contract becoming owners. In harmony with the natural vocation of the territory, they plant vineyards and olive groves of indigenous varieties, which since then they have kept with their son Giancarlo and then with their grandchildren Rocco and Stefano.

Our estate has been certified organic since 2005 and covers an area of 8 hectares between the towns of Colli del Tronto and Castorano.

In order to guarantee the highest quality and fidelity of all our products, we employ a closed production cycle ensuring that all of our organic wines and EVO olive oil are produced exclusively from the plants we take care of daily.

Rocco Vallorani

Stefano Vallorani

Giancarlo Vallorani

Vigneti vallorani

For over a century...

The Fazzini family moved to the estate with a sharecropping contract
Giancarlo Vallorani
Giancarlo Vallorani was born and will continue the family tradition of winemakers
Livio passes away and Giancarlo takes over the company by continuing making wines for the local market
Filomena, daughter of Carlo Fazzini marries Vallorani Livio
Filomena and Livio redeem the land from the sharecropper and start their own farm
Giancarlo's sons, Rocco and Stefano, return to work for the company bottle the first wine
tradition and beauty

Wine and Winemaking

We believe in the centrality of the soil and nature, for this reason we respect its cycles and its balance. We practice sensitive agriculture that respects the rhythms of the earth and the succession of seasons. We refuse the use of any corrective measures aware of our role as custodians of an environment and a landscape, The Marche region, evolved over the centuries thanks to the meticulous work of local farmers. Our wines reflect the soul of the territory in which they are born, taking with them a wealth of history, traditions and personality.

Grandchildren Rocco and Stefano

Stefano returned to help his father in the 2008 after his agronomy studies in Ascoli and then in Ancona. Rocco, after obtaining a degree in Viticultural and Oenological sciences from the university of Perugia and a master's degree in Varietal Oenology from the university of Turin, worked as a winemaker in many Italian (Abruzzo, Marche, Toscane) and foreign wineries (France, United States and New Zealand). In August 2010 he returned to work the family estate.