Marche Rosso IGT

Philumene, our Montepulciano Riserva is a produced only in the best years, from a selection of grapes in our 60-year-old vineyards planted by our grandparents. After aging for 24 months in small oak barrels and 60 months in bottle it achieves remarkable elegance despite its notable structure.

We have dedicated this pure Montepulciano to our grandmother, allowing the time in the bottle to soften its natural harshness and reveal its gentler essence. The color is impenetrable, the taste is bold and rustic, with notes of plum, humus, and spirit-soaked fruit. Initially, it is a stubborn wine but perfect for those who appreciate intense flavors. Its elegance is best expressed through the long aging process that smooths out its rough edges; it requires time to be fully understood, gradually revealing different nuances that allow one to connect with its essence.

The name Filomena, of Greek origin, means "faithful friend" and "friend of strength," concepts that perfectly describe both the character of Filomena and this Riserva.

The wine label features the artwork "Ombre 10" by Vincenzo Lopardo, a talented local artist.