Marche IGT Bianco Organic
Bottles produced: 1500

Years ago, after a family lunch, the technique that our grandfather used to vinify white grapes came back to us.

At the time, we collected the grapes with the 2,2 tons trailer but the only bucketpress we had was 0,7 tons. To get all the grapes in we needed 3 pressing process: 2 hours each and at least 1 hour to fill and to empty the press every time: 12 hours .

During the harvest, our grandfather, who was both the tractor driver and the cellarhand, was unable to afford to stay in the cellar for 12 hours. For this reason the harvested grapes, passed them in the destemmer and placed them in the tank without pressing. 1 or 2 days later, when the skin cap was already high, he use to rack the fermenting must from below and pressed only the grapes.

With the desire to experiment this technique for the first time in 2015, we dedicated a small part of our Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes to this project. From 2015 onwards we have continued to produce this wine, trying every year to add some little tricks to make it more ours. From 2017 the maceration is 10 days and takes place in small terracotta amphorae made in the Marche. After fermentation we leave it to age (amphora and stainless steel) on the fine lees until the following summer.

This is our Lefric, a free, sincere and irreverent wine. His name in Italian means something like “hippy”. On the labels the work "Notte di luna luna" by Nazareno Agostini.