November 21, 2017

The famous blog DoctorWine talks about us and our Polisia, Piceno Superiore Bio 2013!

Our 2013 Polisia, Piceno Superiore organic, ended up on DoctorWine, the blog of Daniele Cernilli co-founder of Gambero Rosso in 1986 and editor of 24 editions of the Italian Wine Guide. Guida dei Vini d’Italia.

link: doctorwine – Vigneti Vallorani

Francesco Annibali for DoctorWine:

Polisia, Piceno Superiore 2013 Dark ruby with garnet nail, scent on the edge of the reduction, without ever falling over it, with notes of wet earth and bark, on a background of violets.rreThe mouthfeel has a bold structure, in line with the territory, but is made drinkable thanks to a pronounced salinity while the tannins are widespread and lively yet never drying. The dark finish has notes of bark and black cherry. Already very good, in fact excellent despite the need for a little more flavor, this could even improve. The quality/price ratio is commendable.

2013 was so far the most difficult season for us: 6 hailstorms destroyed most of our production. Faithful to our philosophy that wants to guarantee all stages of production, from grapes to the bottle, even in that unfortunate vintage we have chosen not to buy grapes and / or wines. For this reason, in 2013 we were unable to produce Avora and the reserves wines the Sorlivio and Philumene. The only wines released are Zaccarì, very few bottles of Konè, and precisely Polisia! After the recognition of "Slow wine" on Slow wine 2018 another great satisfaction for us and our Polisia that rewards our work and our sacrifices!

Thanks to Daniele Cernilli and Francesco Annibali!