September 28, 2020

Two awards by the guide Slow wine 2021 edited by Slow Food

Bottle to our estate and TopWine- Slow Wine award confirmed for our Piceno Superiore Polisia

Our Organic Piceno Superiore Polisia is confirmet Top wine – Vino Slow (a bottle which in addition to having excellent organoleptic quality, manages to condense in the glass, characters linked to the territory, history and environment. Since the 2017 edition, the attribution of this symbol implies the absence of chemical weeding in the vineyards. Slow Wine also responds to the criterion of a good relationship between quality and price, taking into account when and where it was produced) while the company was awarded with la Bottiglia (the bottle), a symbol assigned to wineries that have expressed excellent quality for all wines presented at tastings.

We are very proud of these awards from Slow Wine, a guide that stands out among others for its attention to the quality of work in the vineyard and in the cellar as well as the territorial expression of the wines being tasted.

This important recognition rewards our desire to produce wines capable of telling our land and our traditions in total respect for the environment. And Polisia is probably, among our wines, the one that most represents the Piceno and its customs. Coming from 60- and 40-year-old organic vineyards of Sangiovese and Montepulciano, the grapes traditionally grown in the Piceno area, and produced with minimal intervention in the cellar, the Polisia is inspired by the wines that our grandparents and our father produced and drank daily. An intense bouquet ranging from spices to small red fruits, gentle tannins and a marked freshness make it a very drinkable wine, the one our grandparents used during the tiring days of work in the fields.

And it is precisely to them that we want to dedicate this prestigious recognition: our grandparents who, with many sacrifices, managed to redeem what is now our company from a sharecropping contract that lasted for over 50 years. The same who planted the vineyards that still give us the grapes to produce this wine.

We believe that sustainability is not limited exclusively to agricultural and energy practices that respect the environment but must in some way also help the territory in which the company operates, which is why for several years we have decided to promote local artists, each of our labels. in fact, it is a work of one of these. The work shown in the Polisia is the "Wall of Time" by Giorgio Pignotti, an artist from Castorano.

The presentation of the guide with awarding of the winners will take place on Sunday 4 October 2020 in Milan and on the digital platform of Terra Madre-Salone del Gusto ( For more information on this, please consult the website Slow Wine. Unfortunately, we will not be able to be there, committed as we are between harvesting and vinification, but we are sure that as always it will be a beautiful event. Thank you Slow wine!

Grazie Slow wine