October 5, 2022

Autumn-winter wine tour 2022

Just enough time to finish the olive harvest and it's already time to start our tour to tell our beloved Piceno through our organic wines!

Find us at:

  • Vini di Vignaioli October 30-31 in Fornovo di Taro (PR) info
  • La terra trema 25-26-27 November in Milan info
  • Indipendent winegrover market 26-27-28 November in Piacenza: pav, lane F desk 51 at the indipendent winegrover market info

on tasting our organic wines: Avora 2021, our rosè Octavum 2021,i nostri Piceno Superiore Polisia 2019 and Konè 2019, our orange wine Lefric 2021 and on preview our reserve wines: Passerina DOCG Zaccarì 2020 and our Sangiovese Sorlvio 2018.


Also available on tasting our organic extra virgin olive oil 2022!

Looking forward to meeting you!