February 10, 2017

ECOFRIENDLY award for our commitment

The famous guide Vinibuoni d'Italia edited byouring editoreTouring ed. has awarded us with the Ecofriendly 2017 award. We are honored by this recognition that rewards our commitment that has always been aimed at the production of quality organic wines with total respect for the environment.

We produce our wines without the use of additives of chemical and / or animal origin and stabilize them using ancient and minimally invasive techniques such as aging "sur lies. We use winemaking by-products and pruning cuts to fertilize our vineyards and recover the cellar wash water that we use to irrigate the garden.

The cellar and other structures are thermally insulated from the external environment and the barrel cellar has been built below ground level in order to maintain constant temperature and humidity avoiding the use of air conditioners.

The winery also has, at its service, a solar panel system of about 13 kW, installed on the roof of the tool shed, which covers about 80% of its annual energy needs. In this way, the energy used for production activities is almost entirely produced from truly renewable sources, minimizing the impact on the environment.

We only use natural paper to dress and pack our organic wines and we avoid too heavy bottles that have a high impact on the environment both during production and transport and disposal.

This award is a beautiful gratification for our commitment to protecting the environment.