October 13, 2016

Our Polisia on "Vini da Scoprire", the new book by Castagno, Gravina and Rizzari

Our Piceno Superiore DOC organic has been included among the wines to be discovered recommended by Castagno, Gravina and Rizzari! On 28 September 2016, "Wines to Discover" (Giunti Editore) was published, a book written in 6 hands by three of the most authoritative and gifted wine connoisseurs and communicators: Armando Castagno, Giampaolo Gravina and Fabio Rizzari.

Vini da scoprire (wines to discover) is, according to the authors "a secret notebook of 3 talent scouts who left in search of those still little-known bottles".

According to the editorial director Marco Bolasco the volume is aimed at enthusiasts but also to those who want to start discovering the world of wine "because the choices made and the level of writing are sure to appeal to those who have been chewing on this sector for some time: from foodies in general, to wine enthusiasts and some insiders. But it is especially suitable for those who want to discover the world of wine, because they will find bread for their teeth and a simple and captivating language, as well asunknown paths since the title has not been put at random () But you can read even if you don't drink wine because it tells pleasant stories to read and does it in a captivating and ironic way. It is the thing I like most about this book: it is the first book of wine criticism that can be approached as a fiction book. "

The stories and wines told by the authors in the book are enriched by the illustrations of Olivastudio.