The Piceno area

A unique world between the Adriatic and the Sibylline

In between the Sibillini national park (central appennines) and the Adriatic sea, Colli del Tronto is a 3000 people town extended for about 6 squared kilometers on the rolling hills of the left side of thr Tronto river.

By the analisys of the archaeological find the scientist extimated the first presence of mans in this region during the stone age.

In the past Colli del Tronto was named “Castrum Octavum” or “ad Octavum” and then “De Collibus Octavi” which means 8th as the distance between the Ascolum (Ascoli Piceno) city center and this town (8 miles).

Colli del Tronto has been for many year, like most of the towns in the valley, a satellite for the biggest city in the area (Ascoli Piceno): here people produced cereals, vegetables, wine and olive oil for the Ascoli people. This is the reason why, besides the castel, destroyed in the past, Colli del Tronto has many manor’s houses where the land owner were living to control the farmers and share the crops and the products with them.

Trought the years the development of Colli del Tronto was purely liked to the agricoltur and the the activities bounted to it. Besides the production of wine, olive oil and cereals Colli was also famous for the wood kart made by the “carradori”, and the silkworm farms.

The most famous attraction of Colli del Tronto is the Santa Felicità church (1796) with its impressive staircase. Inside the church is possible to look up to the paiting of Ferdinando Cicconi (1831-1886) a famous painter from Colli. Not far from the church is also possible to visit the silkworm museum (free and open anytime on request at

Really evocative is also the friary (1400 a.c.) recentely reorganized, sited in street Vallicella which host the Piceno culture museum and the Ferdinando Cicconi museum. Both of them are free and visitable from Monday to Friday from 5.00 to 7.00 pm and Saturday from 10.00 to 12.o am.

Not far from the friary rises up the old Santa Cristina churc and next to it, the old common source where people of Colli used to go to supply of water.

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