A SECRET that is handed down from father to son

Vigneti Vallorani was established in 1963 when Livio Vallorani and Filomena Fazzini purchased the property, setting out to devote their life and love to the land and the wine.

In fact the Fazzini family had chosen this way of life more than 50 years earlier.  In 1905 they celebrated their inaugural harvest, producing not only wine but also olive oil, having leased some land from a wealthy landowner.

In subsequent years Livio and his son Giancarlo continued to make wine and olive oil for the local market, following age-old traditions that have been passed from father to son to this day.

In 1998 Giancarlo started to convert the estate to organic practices and in 2005 began to revitalize the vineyards and winery.

Today Vigneti Vallorani, led by Giancarlo and his two sons Rocco and Stefano, has become the match point between tradition and innovation.

Stefano, graduated at the agricoltural institute  C. Ulpiani of Ascoli Piceno is currently studying viticulture and enology at the Faculty of Agriculture of Ancona.

Rocco, after his degree in Viticolture and Oenology at the Perugia University and a postgraduate master in Viticultural and Oenological sciences at the Tourin University,
gains experiences in Italy (Montalcino, Tuscany and Abruzzo ) and abroad (France, New Zealand and United states ) as a cellar worker and oenologist assistant.
Today besides his business activity he provides consulting services to different winemakers in Italy.



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